Pet Surgery in St. Augustine FL

We understand the stress and worry that comes with your furry family member needing pet surgery in St. Augustine, FL. We believe that you and your furry friend deserve the utmost in care along with the best medical and support services. At Palencia Pet Clinic, we provide the following pet surgeries:

  • Abdominal
  • Soft Tissue (including Spay & Neuter)
  • Orthopedic (Knee Surgery, etc.)
  • Laser Surgery

What to Expect Pre-Surgery

Our surgical suite ensures that all procedures are as safe and efficient as possible. We know that veterinary technology is advancing at a very rapid pace, and we are determined to keep up with it. Prior to any surgical procedure, our team will perform a thorough examination, including pre-surgical blood screenings and a look at your pet’s medical history and physical condition to determine the proper anesthesia protocol.


Before the procedure, our team will create a unique, personalized anesthesia plan for your pet based on their overall health, age, and the type of surgery they are having. We understand that pet owners may be worried when it comes to such a delicate matter, but anesthesia is required for most surgical procedures. Your pet’s blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen level, and other indicators are all monitored before, during, and after their surgery.

What to Expect Post-Surgery

After the surgery, your pet will need to be monitored. The amount of time varies – some pets may be sent home on the same day, others may require an overnight stay, while others may remain in our facility for a longer period of time if needed. Post-surgery hospitalization will be determined based on the surgery performed, as well as your pet’s health and recovery needs. Pain management is also something we take seriously. Pain can slow down the healing process and may even worsen some diseases.

Pet Surgery in St. Augustine FL

This is why our team will create a proper protocol that is tailored to your pet’s unique needs to ensure they are as comfortable as possible after the surgery. When your pet is discharged, our team will provide you with customized post-operative care instructions to ensure your pet is on the right track to recovery. But our role does not end here. We are always happy to lend a helping hand by answering any questions you may have after your pet is discharged. Simply give us a call!