Pet Diagnostics & Internal Medicine

Have you noticed that your pet won’t eat, or limps when they walk? Internal Medicine goes hand in hand with diagnostics, and our team at Palencia Pet Clinic can help test and diagnose if something internal, or unseen, is wrong with your pet. We understand that when you notice a problem with your pet, you want to get to the bottom of it quickly. Rest assured, our veterinarians are trained and experienced to deal with complex problems and challenging cases.

We’ll review your pet’s history and examine them, then evaluate the results of any tests that we take. We provide a multitude of internal medicine diagnostic and treatment services to fit your pet’s specific needs. Our main goal is to provide any and all therapeutic options to your pet. And we do it all with compassion and patience.

Experienced in the Treatment of Disorders

The team at Palencia Pet Care are trained to diagnose and treat disorders that affect the entire body. From respiratory and urinary problems to gastrointestinal and hematologic, our veterinarians can diagnose puzzling issues. Knowledge combined with a high level of skill makes us qualified to serve your beloved pets when they aren’t feeling well. It’s the ultimate in quality veterinary medicine.

Our compassion for pets shines when we are providing such important care. We provide a welcome ease of treatment scheduling for owners. We’ll comfort your pets as if they are our own during exams and diagnostic tests. We know how scary it is for your pet and for you as the owner, so we do all that we can to make everyone feel positive and comfortable.

Call us to Schedule a Diagnostic Appointment

If you notice that your pet is not walking or eating properly, or is having trouble breathing, schedule an appointment today at Palencia Pet Clinic. Ultimately, you know your pet best so if any part of their behavior seems abnormal, schedule an appointment and we’ll make sure your furry loved one gets the proper diagnosis and treatment they deserve.