Pet Dentistry in St. Augustine, FL

Many people don’t realize just how important it is for their furry friend to receive regular pet dentistry in St. Augustine, as well as checkups. You wouldn’t neglect brushing your teeth or getting a cleaning, so why would you let your pet go without this important service either? Just like in humans, plaque can build up along your pet’s teeth, which increases their risk for periodontal disease and other issues like cavities and even tooth loss.

Regular dental care ensures your pet’s teeth stay clean and healthy, and prevents these challenging health issues from becoming a serious problem in the future. We offer a range of pet dental services at Palencia Pet Clinic that are designed to keep your pet’s mouth healthy and clean. These include:

  • Routine examinations: It’s important that your pet get their teeth checked when they get a physical checkup as well. We provide routine checkups and preventative care for your pet that will reduce their chances of having dental problems in the future.
  • Dental cleaning: We also offer professional cleanings for your pet to remove plaque and bacteria from their mouths. These cleanings work similarly to a human dental cleaning, but we use anesthesia and animal-safe pain medication to keep your pet comfortable every step of the way.
  • Dental radiography: To get a full picture of your pet’s dental health, radiography services are recommended. A radiograph can get a complete overview of your pet’s mouth that your vet can’t see with the naked eye. Radiography is used to identify problems that need further treatment, particularly with your pet’s dental roots.
  • Dental surgery: If your pet is experiencing dental problems, we can perform surgery to correct the condition. Surgeries are used to remove diseased or impacted teeth as well as abnormal tissue or lesions in the mouth. To keep your pet comfortable during surgery, we provide them with the appropriate anesthesia, as well as medication before and after the surgery to keep them out of pain. We monitor your furry friend carefully to keep them as healthy as possible while they’re receiving dental surgery.

Pet Dentistry in St. Augustine, FL

Don’t hesitate to schedule your pet a dental checkup today. Including preventative dental care in your pet’s routine will prevent challenging health problems later on down the road. We’ll not only provide in-office preventative care but can also recommend at-home strategies to keep your pet’s teeth in tip-top shape.

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